Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Editor Shout Out

I was thinking about a story today and how different (and better) the story turned out thanks to Miracle Jones over at The Fiction Circus. Thinking of it made me think of a few of the editors who got their hands in there and made my work better. So, I thought it appropriate to thank those editors. Let's see . . . there's Larry Smith at Bottom Dog Press (helping me edit two novels), Robert Bixby at March Street Press ( who helped me cut entire chapters from Into the Desperate Country), Joel Van Valin at Whistling Shade Press, and Tim Green at Rattle magazine.

Of course, I can't forget Josh Maday and Matt Bell. They were never editors for me at a press or magazine, but they were my writing buddies for a time. We had some great evenings in my backyard over in Bay City...talking about writing, talking about reading, drinking, eating steaks. I didn't want some of those nights to ever end...and some nights they nearly didn't. We were each in our own way discovering ourselves as writers...and as supporters and critics of each other's work. I learned a lot from those times, and some of the stories of which I'm most proud ("Smolder" and "The Neighborhood Division") came from those times.

The three of us aren't nearly as close as we used to be (disconnected and not trying would be a good way to describe it)...and probably we won't ever be again. That's how things often shake out in this transient world in which we live. Still, tonight, when I pour a glass of red, I'm going to toast Josh and Matt. Thanks, guys for really good memories...and for pushing me to grow as a writer.


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