Saturday, February 06, 2010


So, what thoughts does anyone have on campaigns to win writing contests? From time to time I'll receive an email from a writer "friend" telling me to go to such and such website and vote for his or her story which has been nominated for an award. Even typing it as I did just now . . . it simply sounds bad. Doesn't the contest then become a popularity contest? Whoever can get the most "friends" to vote for his or her story wins? What happens, then, to merit?

Once I was asked how I got 14 people to review my novel, Into the Desperate Country, on amazon. I'll be honest, when people contacted me via email to tell me they liked the book, I always asked, "would you be willing to say what you just said to me on amazon?" Their initial responses, however, were unsolicited. I couldn't do it the other way. I couldn't contact people I know out of the blue and say, "hey, whether or not you read my book, give it a good review on amazon."

That's what it feels like people are doing when they say, "Hey, pal, go vote for my story. Get your friends to vote, too. I know my story is really, really good . . . but to get other people to see that it's really, really good . . . well, I need an unfair boost."


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