Saturday, January 30, 2010

To Such Ways of Such Things

Just a couple of brief things . . .

I had a great time doing a screenwriting workshop for the folks up at the West Branch Children's Film Festival. Always fun to meet a thirteen-year-old who already "knows" that he is going to be a film maker. What passion! That's great. I wish the West Branch group the best. Check them out at . . . especially if you have a film that you think is appropriate for kids to view. They are looking for films.

As to books, I started reading Demian by Herman Hesse. So far, it's rich and rewarding. I know, I know, that's two older books in a row. The next, I promise, will be a contemporary book, though, sadly, I'm already guessing that it will feel thin compared to Farrell and Hesse's work.

Finally, I just learned that my poem, "In Early Drafts Robert Frost Relied Heavily on the Thesaurus" will appear this summer in Rattle . . . in their issue themed around humor. Tim Green, editor at Rattle, pushed me to rewrite the poem . . . and it turned out so much better. Thanks, Tim.


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